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20 years of health promotion

RodzinaFor last 20 years we promote health in the field of the complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) and integrative medicine (IM) in Krakow and southern Poland. Since 2010 we live in Ireland however, we run IMI Foundation and few social projects ie. Healthy Preschooler ORG zdrowyprzedszkolak.org

Initially, we were working in university and local medical organizations preparing social lectures and workshops promoting health, treatment in harmony with nature and human being. Currently, we are having lectures and workshops for a wide audience of physicians, patients, students, youths and people of business and pensioners.

We work for corporates and schools, universities and kindergartens, patient societies and sports clubs, dance and guilds, including religious. The costs do not prevent our activities if only we have free time, we share our knowledge and experience in the field of health behavior in the normal rhythms of nutrition, in health and disease in accordance with the principle of integrating ancient wisdom and modern science.

We are open-minded and particularly close to the family, from the youngest to oldest members, who are vibrant in own ecological environment.

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Emilia and Marek Lorenc

Emilia Lorenc

Born. 1979, MA Medical Analysis, Molecular Biologist, Laboratory Diagnostician, Medical Scientist MACSLM, Nutritional Therapist MNTOI,

Lorenc Medical Ltd, Ireland

Director, Nutritional Advisor/Coach and Medical Laboratory Scientist

Clinical work with General Practitioners, Gastroenterologist and other Consultants

Vice President Integrative Medicine Institute Foundation

from 2011 mentoring and organizing 20 conferences in Poland on Nutrition for countrywide Nutrition Creche programme by the Zdrowyprzedszkolak.org Team.

Cooperation with managers of preschool services, town mayors, local educational centers for preschool and primary school education.

Marek Lorenc

Born. 1974, MD, MICGP, LFHom PWZ 1301089, IMC 100210

I am General Practitioner (Family Doctor) focused on integrated family care registered in Poland and Ireland (PWZ 1301089, IMC 100210). I work in Primary Healthcare and Out of Hours Care to observe continuity of care.

I am focused on my personal interest of integrative medical care. Our Publications

Specialties: MICGP 2012, Buteyko (Ireland) 2013, Specialist Family Medicine 2007
Primary Health Care Examination – Faculty of Homeopathy (PHCE – LFHom) 2004
Diplôme d’Thérapeutique Homéopathique Centre d’Enseignement et du Développement de l’Homéopathie 2002